Cyndi's List If you can't find it here, you probably don't need it!
Ellis Island, One Step Search Very simple to use.
Family Search at LDS What a database! Very flexible, and free. It was here that I found the Spink family all the way back to 1615!
First Scottish Searching Service I have gotten most of my Scottish information from this company. Their prices are reasonable, their service is great, and they are very friendly to boot.
Gathering of the Clans All things Scottish.

Other web sites pertaining to the Family's Genealogical research. Anthony Marrs' site Marr included in family. The Irish Marr Family Tie to our Ferguson line. Ferguson DNA Project Spink Family

Software that I use.
Pocket Genealogist Carry and edit your family history around in your PocketPC. Also swaps info directly from Legacy.
MyRoots Genealogy program for the Palm operating system. First class software. Includes data entry capability!
Dynamic Family Tree This is the "Family Tree" view you can select from the menu on this site. A great program!
Legacy Legacy Family Tree is another desktop type genealogy program. This one works directly with Pocket Genealogist in that its files are 100% compatible without converting to Gedcom, or any other format. Generate websites on any server, in any style. Great package!






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